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TLS Cargo Inc.

If this company owes you or if you have any concerns about being paid by this company, please feel free to contact us immediately at 1.662.268.9558

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TLS Cargo Inc.

June 28, 2024

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TLS Cargo Inc.

MC# 1587190 – DOT# 4140050
TLS Cargo Inc. has been reported for fraud or non-payment.
If they owe you money, contact us immediately.

TLS Cargo Inc., MC# 1587190, has been reported for non-payment to carriers and their authority has been revoked. If they owe you call us today.


TLS Cargo Inc., MC# 1587190, and DOT# 4140050, is located at 3100 E. 45th St. Ste. 506, Cleveland, OH 44127, and its current phone number is (513) 973-1303

Our office works with one or more motor carriers reporting this company for fraud or non-payment. Therefore, contact us immediately at (662) 268-9558 if they appear on your aging report.

In addition, if you are actively pursuing the recovery of past-due payments from TLS Cargo Inc., MC# 1587190, and DOT# 4140050 and require assistance, we are here to help. As a result of our nearly two decades of success, we represent more than 6,000 motor carriers and over 50 of the largest factoring companies in the industry. Our exclusive focus is collecting for carriers not paid by brokers or shippers.

It’s important to note that we operate strictly on a contingency basis, meaning if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

Additionally, contact us if you are investigating TLS Cargo Inc., MC# 1587190, DOT# 4140050, or any other company before booking a load and sensing something is amiss. Let’s examine together to identify any potential concerns. Reach Stuart at (662) 268-9558 or click here for a contact form.

Furthermore, if you want to know if another broker or shipper on your aging report has been reported to us, Search in Freight Broker Alerts archived alerts. Read our articles to stay up to date in the transportation industry.

Our homepage,, has recent updates. Want to be notified when brokers and shippers are reported for non-payment? Subscribe to our weekly alerts.

U.S. Department of Transportation

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Entity Profile: TLS Cargo Inc.

Operating Authority Status: Operating authority was revoked 05/13/2024 and has been reported to our office for fraud and/or non-payment
MC# 1587190 • DOT# 4140050
Physical Address: 3100 E. 45th St. Ste. 506, Cleveland, OH 44127
Mailing Address: 3100 E. 45th St. Ste. 506, Cleveland, OH 44127
Phone: (513) 973-1303

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