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April 26, 2018

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DBT Logistics is located out of 230 Owl Dr Ottawa, ON K1V 9J6 and lists 613-808-2872 and 613-736-1042 as phone numbers.

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The Canadian Trucking Alliance has received confirmation from the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Counsel that carriers who engage solely in brokering freight from Canada to the US, between points within the US, and from the US to Canada are required to obtain and file with FMCSA a surety bond or trust fund agreement in the amount of US $75,000.

Brokering is defined as solely arranging for the transportation of property whereby the carrier’s own trucks do not engage in any part of the movement of the property. To interline a shipment is to transfer the property between two or more carriers for movement to its final destination.

For complete details of the requirements applicable to carriers and questions and answers specific to the differences between brokerage and interlining operations, please refer to the September 5, 2013, Federal Register Notice. It is recommended carriers specifically read questions A 1, 5 & 6 and B 1.

In terms of how carriers should register their brokerage operations, FMCSA indicated there is no need to separate the broker authority from the motor carrier authority. In future, the Agency expects to require each registered entity to have its own USDOT number. Under that one USDOT number, the entity could have both broker and motor carrier authority. If the motor carrier and broker are separate entities, each entity (broker or motor carrier) would have a separate USDOT number.

FMCSA also indicated that, effective immediately, carriers seeking to apply for broker authority should follow application instructions on the FMCSA website and they will provide information about any future application process changes at a later date.

For background, see the December 12, 2013, Bulletin article, “CTA Pursues Clarity on Broker Requirements for Canadian Carriers under US MAP-21”

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