California Freight Broker Alerts

Our compiled list of California freight broker alerts is intended to provide a resource and useful platform for gathering information about transportation collections. If a broker or customer is out of business or has refused to pay for whatever reason, please give us a call. We represent over 4000 transportation companies, transportation banks, and transportation factoring companies, throughout the state of California as well as the U.S. and Canada.

BB&A is one of the first and most notable collection firms exclusive to transportation. We do only specialize in Transportation. BB&A is 100% exclusive to it and nothing else!

Please remember, our service is risk-free. If we can’t collect, you owe us nothing even if we file suit on your behalf.

If funds are owed you by a company, in the state of California, not on our list, or if you have any concerns about being paid by a company on this list, please feel free to contact me immediately 

Raymond Express International LLC

Did you deliver freight for Raymond Express International LLC and not get paid? Did Raymond Express International LLC MC# 821648 pay you for your services? Raymond Express International LLC USDOT 2390467 is located out of 573 Forbes Blvd South San Francisco, CA 94080 or 5250 W 102nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90045 or 2460 S… Read More

BP Logistics

Did you deliver freight for BP Logistics and not get paid? Did BP Logistics aka Billan-pahal Corporation MC# 789146 pay you for your services? BP Logistics USDOT 2311644 aka Billan-pahal Corporation is located out of 2416 W Shaw Ave Fresno, CA 93711 and lists 559-579-1279 and 209-678-5439 and 559-579-9820 and 559-473-1490 and 559-447-6788 as phone… Read More

Certified Logistics

Did Certified Logistics pay you for your services? Did you deliver freight for Certified Logistics MC# 899797 and not get paid? Certified Logistics USDOT 2590736 is located out of PO Box 291351 Los Angeles, CA 90027 or 501 West Glenoakes Blvd Suite 632 Glendale, CA 91202 or 8018 Via Latina Burbank, CA 91504 and lists… Read More

IGH Logistics Group Inc

Did IGH Logistics Group Inc pay you for your services? Did you deliver freight for IGH Logistics Group Inc MC# 728283 and not get paid? IGH Logistics Group Inc USDOT 2247705 is located out of 6746 Valjean Ave Suite 102 Van Nuys, CA 91406 and lists 877-940-1915 and 310-574-2217 and 888-526-0281 as phone numbers. For… Read More

Marina Logistics LLC

Did you deliver freight for Marina Logistics LLC and not get paid? Did Marina Logistics LLC MC# 778747 pay you for your services? If you’re trying to get paid on Marina Logistics LLC USDOT 2285764 out of Marina del Rey, CA 90292 MC# 778747 debt we can help! Marina Logistics LLC USDOT 2285764 is located out… Read More

Maywood Freight Company Inc

Did Maywood Freight Company Inc pay you for your services? Did you deliver freight for Maywood Freight Company Inc MC# 022243 and not get paid? Maywood Freight Company Inc USDOT 2997358 is located out of 19360 Rinaldi St Suite 473 Los Angeles, CA 91326 and lists 844-858-5254 and 844-858-5254 as phone numbers. If you’re trying… Read More

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