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Three Ways to Find Out if Shippers Might Not Pay

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Three Ways to Find Out if Shippers Might Not Pay

June 20, 2017

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Wondering if your shippers might not pay? Here are 3 healthy practices to implement to minimize your transportation company’s exposure by hauling for Brokers and Shippers who might potentially, not pay.

With over 19 years’ experience… i have seen large well-known companies in business for 10 plus years, with A+ Rated Credit today, and 30 days from now, they have filed bankruptcy or went out of business, owing hundreds of carriers.  The following 3 suggestions… just might help you avoid, these types of situations.

Please remember, anytime your company is hauling for New Brokers or Shippers… always check and double check, before you haul or provide any transportation related services to them.

Verify references and pull a current credit report, a little preventive checking and double checking goes a long way.

Also, once every 90-days it is equally important to periodically re-check and pull current credit reports on long standing customers. 

Check to see if the Broker or Carrier has valid authority by going to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration web-site.

Free of charge your company can also go to Freight Broker Alert for Free for a full searchable report of our biggest problem Brokers and Shippers (Not Paying Asset and Non-Asset Transportation Providers), please refer to

If any broker or shipper is identified below, and is currently on your aging report, please contact Jeremy Liggett immediately at 662-268-9558.

Our service is risk free! If we can’t collect, you owe us nothing. Even if we file suit on your behalf.

Our Weekly List, is arranged by the amount of debt assignments received by our firm against the specific listed Broker/Shipper by company name. From our active carrier client base of over

4000 transportation companies, transportation banks and transportation factoring companies, throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Disclaimer: Freight Broker Alert is not a commercial credit reporting or a scoring agent and simply provides information based upon the number of debt assignments received from motor carriers to BB&A. Freight Broker Alert, makes no guarantee that the information reported to it from third-parties is accurate. Freight Broker Alert and/or BB&A nor its affiliates assume no part of the user’s business risk, and does not guarantee the accuracy of timeliness of the information provided via e-mails and its media postings.

This Alert is furnished as one factor to consider in connection with credit or other business decisions. We encourage all carriers perform the necessary due diligence, before entering into any transaction with any company requesting credit.

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